Proofreading and Copyediting. The Difference is Important

Novels are carefully crafted works of art. Rarely—and ideally never—does your first draft make the final pages of a published book. Instead, every word undergoes several levels of editing, each one uniquely focused on a specific aspect of the story. Knowing the...

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Proofreading and Copyediting

How to use Myers Briggs to Develop Complex Characters

Myers-Briggs? What does the personality test you took in Psychology1 have to do with writing? More than you've likely considered. If your novel includes people—and I'm hoping it does—let me explain. It's not enough to have a mysterious protagonist with a dark...

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How to Find an Editor You (Really) Trust

Letting an editor you're unfamiliar with work on your in-process book is like handing over your newborn baby to a total stranger—completely terrifying. But, like it or not, hiring an editor is an essential part of the publishing process. You can't skip it. So you...

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Find an editor

Editing Your Novel in 5 Easy Steps

Just about every author grapples with editing. In a sense, it's a process that seems to contradict the free-flowing, unrestrained nature of the creative act of writing. It can feel painfully slow, meticulous, and rather tedious. But if I’m being honest, editing...

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Editing your novel
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