Book Coaching for Accountability and Consistency

I’m trained to develop and analyze all aspects of your story, from the big picture perspective to the scene and line level, to enhance your story and give you the tools to make every story better.

What is book coaching?

Book coaching delivers customized support for authors to develop their skills, work through ideas, and complete drafts and revisions. Coaching gives writers guidance and accountability along the long path toward book publication. The aim of book coaching is to help writers reach their writing goals with the best possible experience. 

The process of creating fiction books and nonfiction books are similar in some respects and quite different in others. One common fact is that every book is not meant for everyone. A book coach helps you identify your audience and fine-tune your message to that audience. A book coach guides the writer to create something that captivates the ideal reader and makes an emotional impact. 

Your story is unique, and so are you. Book coaching can help you complete the story of your dreams.

Coaching is right for you if: 

You have a story idea but don’t know where to start
You’ve started but stalled on your first draft
You’ve lost motivation to continue writing
You struggle to write an effective scene
You want to complete a solid draft or revision (fiction)
You want to complete a solid proposal (nonfiction)
You’re uncertain about how to proceed after receiving beta reader feedback
You want greater focus and accountability for your writing
You want to prepare for pitching to agents

Fiction book coaching has three major components:

  • Story development
  • Draft completion
  • Preparation for pitching and querying

Nonfiction book coaching has three major components: 

  • Concept development 
  • Proposal completion
  • Preparation for pitching and querying

I can work with you on any or all of the above major components. Traditionally published fiction needs a complete and polished draft to pitch to agents. Traditionally published nonfiction is sold based on a full proposal. However, if you plan to self-publish nonfiction, you’ll need a complete and polished manuscript. 

Check out my Editorial Services page for more information about stand-alone evaluations or editing.  

Book Coaching

INVESTMENT: $200 per session or deadline

Customized coaching enhances accountability and consistency. These sessions focus on moving you forward toward a completed manuscript. You’ll have one-hour coaching sessions scheduled with the flexibility to fit your needs.

First, we’ll start with where you are. Whether or not you’ve completed a full draft, you and I will work systematically from concept to story overview and toward a completed draft (fiction) or proposal (nonfiction.) Most writers select one to two monthly coaching sessions.  I suggest a minimum of six months to complete a story plan and significant drafting or revision. 

This service includes:

  • One-hour video or audio consultations, recorded on request
  • Coaching toward developing your overall story plan and chapter outlines
  • A client portal and shared Google Drive folder containing all your coaching documents
  • Assistance with identifying relevant comparative books and masterworks
  • Detailed, specific analysis and feedback on your draft pages
  • MS Word manuscript formatting guidance
  • Scrivener guidance, including MS word exporting (on request)
  • A Story Map or Spreadsheet with scene elements set up for you to complete
  • Personalized assignments to help level up your writing and your confidence
  • Accountability to help you stay the course
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LET’s get started

My Book Coaching Process


Your Initial Consultation

We’ll jump on a free 30-minute call where you will have my undivided attention. Tell us about your story. Ask anything about the book coaching services, plotting methodologies, genre conventions, character development, and masterworks. I am well versed in multiple writing tools, including spreadsheets, Fictionary, Scrivener, Dabble, and story methodologies such as Story Grid, Save The Cat, the Heroine’s Journey, The MICE quotient, the Hero’s Journey, and The Story Circle. However, your story need not adhere to any particular methodology but its own.


Welcome Aboard

You’ve decided how many sessions to purchase and how frequently you want your sessions or deadlines. You’ll complete a questionnaire sharing more details about the story’s overall concept, progress, and components and your publishing goals. I'll give you access to your personal Author Portal and Google Drive folder and ask you to upload your manuscript, blurb, synopsis, story bible, and related notes.


Goal Setting

We meet to define and set your goals and to schedule future meetings. Meets are set around specific assignments and deadlines. You’ll begin to define or redefine your story and create a plan for moving forward toward a specific end-point: planning (a detailed story plan or outline), drafting (a completed fiction story draft or nonfiction proposal), or pitching (a plan for querying or self-publishing.)


Working The Program

You’ll work through assignments. You’ll submit your writing, and before the next meeting, I'll read, analyze and prepare feedback. We meet for an hour, review the notes and any sticking points, and set new goals. Session recordings are placed in your author portal. The end result will be different for fiction and nonfiction and for the manuscript stage (planning, drafting, pitching.) If you’re on target, great. If you’ve fallen behind, we’ll recalibrate.


Goal Attained

You’ve been on target and met your goal. Whether it’s the plan, the draft/proposal, or the pitch—celebrate!


Your Final Assessment

After you complete your book coaching sessions, you'll retain access to your author portal with all the supportive documents and recordings to help you continue your writing with confidence. I'll review your next options and help you set more goals; this may include writing on your own, working with an editor, or continuing with coaching. The experience should leave you energized, confident, and excited.

your questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions:

01. How is book coaching different from editing?


They are very different. Book coaching starts with an idea, an outline, a partial draft, or a completed draft and supports the writer toward completion. Editing reviews a completed draft and makes suggestions, revisions, or corrections. Coaches review draft pages and provide feedback but make no or only light corrections such as dialogue punctuation, speech tags, and obvious spelling errors to demonstrate good writing practice. 

02. Do you coach fiction books or nonfiction books?


Both! I offer coaching for fiction and nonfiction projects. I understand that the demands and deliverables vary for the two and further vary depending on your publishing plans (traditional, independent, or hybrid.)  

03. How do fiction and nonfiction coaching differ?


The development processes have many similarities but the end products are quite different. Mostly this depends on publisher demands. Traditionally published fiction is sold on the merits of a complete and polished  manuscript. Traditionally published nonfiction is sold on the strength of a book proposal. Independent or self-publishing fiction and nonfiction require a complete and polished manuscript before formatting into book or ebook form. A well thought out book proposal and pitching plan will help fiction and nonfiction writers, regardless of publishing format. 

04. What do you need from me before we get started?


A successful story coaching experience relies as much on having an open and positive growth mindset as it does on plot, structure, and writing skill. Bring a willingness to dig deep into your story concept and potentially change various story elements. At the beginning of the coaching process, you’ll complete a story-related questionnaire and share your notes, outlines, pages, story bible, character lists, and chapters.

05. How do I know if your services are right for me?


Take a look at the processes, deliverables, and suggested readiness detailed on this website. Choosing a book coach is a deeply personal endeavor. One that requires trust. I aim to earn your trust by treating your words, your goals, and you with respect and objectivity. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your project and get your questions answered. 


06. How do we meet?


We’ll meet by video or audio conference or by phone.  I utilize several secure conferencing platforms. Most clients prefer Zoom, but I also offer Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. Conferencing can be recorded on request. Phone conversations are not recorded. If you choose all coaching via phone, just be aware that you won’t have a recording to refer back to topics for future reference.   

07. How do I share information with my coach?


Every new client receives access to a personalized Author Portal and Google Drive Folder. The Author Portal is a repository for all your project documents, our business communications, contracts, writing resources, invoices, and scheduling. No more shifting through months of old emails. The Google Drive folder provides a way for you to share larger and real-time editable files. 

08. How is my manuscript and personal information secured?


First, to the fullest extent of the law, I do not share your personally identifiable information (PII) or manuscript with anyone at any time or for any reason. Second, my business systems are secured with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, self-certified with Privacy Shield Certification, and adhere to GDPR regulations, United States Fair Information Practices Principles, California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA), and Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA.) Finally, the Google Workspace platform includes robust security detailed here

Let’s bring authenticity to your speculations, flow to your structure, and heart to your words.