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I am a Developmental Editor certified in the Story Grid Methodology, trained by Shawn Coyne. I have a certificate in Fiction Writing from the prestigious UCLA Writers Program. I am also a medical doctor. With a  background in medicine, science writing, and fiction writing, I understand the desire to tell your story with clarity, authenticity and impact. Whether you’re stuck or ready for the next steps, I can help


You discussed these issues with concrete detail, and you did so respectfully and in a way that shows you have the same aims.”

Seth Fischer MFA, Editor and Award Winning Writer 

Story Grid Diagnostic

Your complete draft meets Story Grid’s most accessible global story analysis. The most popular choice.

Story Grid Coaching

Revise your story step by step and build toward a full SG Spreadsheet guided by weekly review and scene analysis. This individualized service provides motivation and accountability and has one goal—moving your story toward completion. Prerequisite: a completed Story Grid Diagnostic. 

Editing Services

Detailed editing services with your needs in mind including developmental editing, short story evaluation, Fictionary services, Scrivener setup, manuscript evaluations, sensitivity reading, and medical copywriting.

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PDHINES Editing Services

Pamela Hines, MD MBA MPH

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