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Helping Healthcare and STEM  Professionals Explore Creativity and Write the Story of Their Dreams

Writing a story can be a daunting task. There are so many elements to consider, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

With the right guidance, feedback, and support, you can ensure that your story is well-crafted and engaging.

I provide a framework for planning and developing your story. With story development guidance, you can map out your plot, characters, and settings, as well as identify the challenges your story will need to overcome. With encouraging guidance, I provide valuable feedback and help you avoid common mistakes. I’ll help you write a story that engages and inspires your readers.

Breathe Life Into Your Story

Story Grid Coaching PDHines

 Story Grid Diagnostic

The Story Grid is a powerful analytical tool that can help you improve your writing. By understanding Story Grid principles, you can diagnose problems in your story and figure out how to fix them. The Story Grid methodology can help you identify strengths in your story development and build on them.

Use Story Grid tools to help plan your story before writing it, making the writing process smoother and more efficient. A Story Grid Diagnostic takes your writing to the next level.

Book Coaching

Book coaching is an individualized service that helps you revise your story step by step, building toward a full story map or spreadsheet guided by weekly review and scene analysis. This service provides motivation and accountability and has one goal—moving your story toward completion.

Book coaching is the perfect way to get feedback on your work, whether you’re a first-time author or a seasoned pro. Book coaching is an invaluable tool for writers who want to make sure their work is the best it can be. 

Story Grid Design PDHines Editing
Story Grid Design PDHines Editing

Editorial Services

If you’re looking for editing services that will go above and beyond, you’ve come to the right place. I offer multiple services, including story development, developmental editing, short story evaluation, Fictionary services, Scrivener setup, manuscript evaluations, sensitivity reading, and medical copywriting.

I’m here to help you improve your story development and writing craft skills. I’m passionate about helping clients achieve their publishing goals. Reach out today to learn more about editing services and how I can help you achieve your writing and publishing dreams.

About Pam Hines

I am a trained and certificated developmental editor and copyeditor, and I have a certificate in fiction writing from the prestigious UCLA Writers Program. As a medical doctor with a background in science writing and medical editing, I understand the need to tell your story with clarity, authenticity, and impact.

I work with healthcare and STEM professionals who want to explore creative writing. I specialize in speculative fiction and medical and science-based fiction and non-fiction.

I love to explore how the intersection of science and humanity can create the most exciting stories. I am also well versed in memoirs, thrillers, mysteries, love stories, performance stories, and character-driven maturation stories.

Whether you’re stuck or ready to level up, I can help.

Book Coaching PDHines Editing

“Pam will combine her Story Grid knowledge with technology and use Fictionary StoryCoach software to provide you with an exceptional story edit.”

– Kristina Stanley, Writer, Editor, and Fictionary CEO 

“You discussed these issues with concrete detail, and you did so respectfully and in a way that shows you have the same aims.”

– Seth Fischer MFA, Editor and Award-Winning Writer

“Wow. Pam did a fantastic job on my prologue. I am impressed.”

– Eric Smith, Author of The Midshipmen”s Peril 

What is story development & how can it help me?

Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. However, just because it’s a well-structured story doesn’t mean it’s exciting or engaging. The writer must develop the story premise, world, characters, and plot to create a compelling story. It’s important to consider what you want this story to communicate and to whom.

Character development is all about creating believable and relatable people who intrigue your readers. Plot development creates conflict and tension that will keep your readers turning the page. Both are essential for creating a great story, but they are two of many other elements the writer must manage.

Story development doesn’t stop once you’ve finished writing. Even the best stories can improve with careful editing and revision.

So if you’re serious about becoming a successful writer, make sure to put in the time and effort to develop your story. It’ll be worth the effort!

Your Path to a Great Story


Initial Review

The Editing Path

The Coaching Path

Let’s meet and talk.

Tell me about your story and your writing goals. You’ll have 30 minutes of undivided attention. Ask me anything – plotting, character development, masterworks, Fictionary, Story Grid, writing habits, Scrivener, Fictionary, Nanowrimo, books, writing craft training, jazz.  

Building a Plan

I’ll take a look at your ideas, sample chapters, or complete manuscript and suggest a plan of action: editing or coaching. 

Deliverables include a detailed review and analysis of the global story, an expanded editorial letter, a story map or spreadsheet of all your scenes, and a copy of your manuscript with in-line edits and suggestions for the next steps.

The Different Editing Services

You decide on a service from recommendations and book a start date. I’ll read your entire manuscript and make inline notes. The depth of analysis and deliverable vary with the service: 

  • Manuscript Evaluation: a high-level assessment of the story’s strengths and weaknesses focusing on story, structure, and genre. Deliverables include an Editorial Summary ( typically 6-10 pages) and a copy of your manuscript with light in-line comments.
  • A Story Grid Diagnostic: this signature Story Grid product delivers a global analysis (Editor’s Six core questions), a Story Grid Spreadsheet of the first five scenes, a list of at least two suggested masterworks, and an Editorial Letter detailing your next steps
  • Developmental Edit: this deep dive into your story is much more comprehensive and time-consuming than a manuscript evaluation. Deliverables include a detailed review and analysis of the global story, all major story elements, an expanded Editorial Letter (typically 20+ pages), a complete spreadsheet of all your scenes, a copy of your manuscript with in-line edits, and suggestions for the next steps.
  • A developmental edit with the Fictionary StoryCoach add-on includes a series of visual story analytics such as a Story Map, Character Analysis, and Plot graph.
  • Line editing addresses sentence structure and word choice. This includes detailed in-line changes and notes and may require ongoing querying between editor and author.
  • Copyediting addresses the mechanics, language, and style of your manuscript. This includes spelling, grammar,, and punctuation. Writer’s typically save copyediting for a  final polish before sending it to an agent, publisher, or book designer.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Together, we’ll establish your goals and take a close look at the pages you’ve already produced. In a series of individualized meetings, I’ll help you clarify your story’s foundation, develop the details, and create a map for completion. You’ll then set a schedule for scene drafting with my ongoing review and feedback.

As you move toward a completed manuscript, you’ll gain accountability and improved writing skills. 

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